Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Monsters Drinking Coffee Content

Thinking about this project and having a monstrously good time working on it but I am also open to suggestions!! What would you like to see more of?!!  I am going to start adding some background elements to some of my monsters and maybe even a little scenario to put some of these monsters in, although I am not going to develop full stories for any of these monsters, at least currently. Eventually these fully finished pieces will advance to collectors prints.

I am also planning on working some vintage Monsters Drinking Coffee to focus on a throw back or vintage spotlight. Maybe having a separate sketchbook for this content. There are videos being made including speed sketching and somewhat tutorials where I talk about what I was doing through the process of working on the particular piece or explaining thoughts and ideas about it. I will start uploading these videos soon!!
I upload a lot of content and will continue to do this as this is an ongoing project for me and want to pursue these collected sketchbooks on a somewhat monthly basis!!  These are just a bunch of thoughts I have about this project and want to hear more from you, the supporters and audience!! 

I want all of us to be enjoying this project as much as I am!!
Thanks again so much!!